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Magnum Machine & Manufacturing Company, Inc.

5029 Highway 59 North

Marshall, TX 75670 USA

500-pound Mobile Slabbing Press.

Easy to Move & Store if necessary.

All the Safety Features of the 2200 lb Press.

2200-Pound Wax-Slabbing Press

Magnum press with chill plates Hand-Clearance with push plate fully retracted. HD Chill Plate with O'Ring-Seal   High-Volumn Maximum Water Flow with Minimum Pressure.

Water meter provides means to verify water flow. Automatic Warning Whistle When Plates are Closing  Wear-Resistant Stainless Strike-Bars  Extra-Strong, safe handles ensure ease of operation

Watch Slabbing Video

Magnum Machine & Manufacturing specializes in the design and development of new technology for our customers in a variety of industries.  Our mission is to provide high quality parts and service in a timely manner, at the best price possible.  Magnum Machine & Manufacturing is a full-featured metal-working machine shop with the latest and fastest equipment

Wax slabbing equipment is one of the products developed for the wax processing industry.  Low-Pressure (10lb) Chilled-water cools molten wax into hard slabs in less time than other methods. The Magnum chill plates are more reliable than other designs, and far easier to use and maintain.  They are made from aluminum with stainless steel hardware, many safety features never before offered, and a water meter to verify proper water flow.

Precision hardened steel prill nozzles, and large rugged prill bars permit maximum production from existing prill beds.  

Magnum also serves as a contract  and sub-contract machine shop to local and national customers.

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